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I started my blogging and social media journey way back in 2007 when I launched The Beading Gem's Journal.  As a jewelry designer and instructor, I needed a website to showcase my student's work, talk about my own designs and to actively build an online community which shared my passion.

Fast forward several years, that blog became a successful niche site with thousands of followers.

Along the way I discovered I could also help other small businesses become more effective at online communication and promotion.  I not only understood the time demands and other constraints facing such owners, but found I could also teach and mentor others who are unsure what they should be doing online to grow their businesses.

Yes, I can help small business owners become effective in the online world in a much shorter time frame than the years it took me to learn how!

Learn :
  • Why having a website is not enough
  • Which social media sites to target
  • How to use social media effectively in the little time you have
  • How to generate feedback
  • How to get people coming back to your site
  • How to establish yourself as the go-to person, the expert people want to know
  • Which no cost online services you can use to free up your time
  • How take advantage of today's technology - smartphones and tablets - to save time and money

If you need just a little help to get going or require a virtual assistant, advisor, blogger, a social media strategist, then please contact me at :

519-267-3461 | businessexpressionsinbloom@gmail.com


Fun Fact :  The diamonds in the flowers of my logo is a play on my gemstone name.  I help businesses grow so they sparkle like gems!

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