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photo studiosOver the past three years Pearl Blay has worked with Modahaus she has demonstrated an incredible ability to establish and continually develop our Social Media community whilst maintaining a clear vision of our business objectives. The pro blogging service she provides us is 100% reliable, 100% relevant and she is 100% in tune with our market and our customers needs. We also have 100% confidence in Pearl's impeccable social media etiquette which is crucial for any business!

photo studiosPearl Blay has been enormously helpful behind the scenes here at Donald Verger Photography, a key person ensuring our business continues to grow.  She is our go to blogger, social media maven and all round virtual assistant.  She is the best!

It’s rare that you come across a talented woman like Pearl. She has expertly filled the role of a social media coordinator for Kazuri West since the day I hired her. She has established an amazing social media community for our company. I am particularly impressed with her ability to handle tasks I ask of her. Or she helps me to see how to do it in a better way. Writing seems to come perfectly natural to her. Pearl is organized, efficient, creative, talented, reliable, extremely competent, and has an excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. I am quite happy to have found her. I always leave our conversation with a smile.

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